Welcome to XtraVIRAL, a unique digital agency dedicated to helping small businesses actually succeed online, not just exist! And for a lot less than you think.

We specialise in Online Marketing, Website Design and Digital Strategy.

Over the last few years Google and other search engines have become smarter and the old ways of website design, SEO and online marketing no longer works as well. Unfortunately many website and online marketing companies catering to small businesses are using outdated practices and are not achieving the value you deserve.

In today’s digital world the key to online success is having a digital strategy or plan that leverages your website and targets various online marketing tactics suitable for your specific product or service.

Why use XtraVIRAL?

Conceived in 2012 in Australia by a Digital Strategist of 17 years, XtraVIRAL was born with the intention of providing small business with a Digital Agency that focuses on increasing sales leads… not traffic.

Most companies are founded by web designers, developers or marketers and fail to strategically tie all digital fields together such as website usability, creative content, SEO, on-page marketing, online marketing, social media and more. A Digital Strategist ties these fields together for a coordinated strategy that leverages success.

If you already have an SEO or Digital Agency you trust…

    • Let us work with them to improve your return on investment by developing a personalised Digital Strategy and monitoring it over time to ensure you are increasing market share within your industry.

If you are currently not working with anyone…

    • Let us develop a magnetic website that promotes engagement and maintain an online marketing program that drives sales and profits through a Digital Strategy.

Services we offer:

Digital strategy advice

xtraviral-digital-strategy-iconIt’s easy to build a website and start marketing online… it’s even easier to lose money online. Let us develop a strategy that grows your business in the online world.

Websites for desktops & mobiles

xtraviral-website-design-iconAnyone can build a flashy website… but few can build a user friendly marketing machine. Let us research, strategise and develop one that your customers enjoy.

Online marketing for profit

xtraviral-online-marketing-icon-2A website without marketing is like opening a shop front in a remote outback location without any advertising. We can maximise your marketing reach… for a lot less!

Flexible payment plans

xtraviral-payments-iconWe know how difficult cash flow is on a small to medium business. That is why we offer monthly plans where you pay a capped fee to keep costs down.

Want to know more? Why not get a free evaluation session on us…