Why the internet is not bringing you business

The number one reason is failure to have a clear plan in place that is constantly monitored. Unfortunately most web agencies want to sell websites and online marketing gimmicks and fail to maintain your website properly or continually optimise your online marketing. Google for example ranks websites that are regularly updated and have social media interaction higher than ones that do not!

Some web agencies also like to bombard you with vast amounts of statistics to show they are doing something but without really improving your sales figures much or your return on investment… your bottom line.

At XtraVIRAL we are passionate about increasing your sales and return on investment and are focused on your success. The internet is where a person operating out of a home office with virtually no capital expenditure can turn over millions of dollars a year but the key is having a digital strategy guiding the website and online marketing.

The 6 musts for profiting online

art-strategy1There is a clear system that you need to follow in order to be successful online. If you do not follow these steps like clockwork you will fail and waste a lot of time and money.

    1. Develop a strategy
    2. Implement the strategy
    3. Analyse the implementation
    4. Re-develop the strategy
    5. Repeat step 2 on-wards

What we can do for you

website-design-layersXtraVIRAL can provide you with a proactive website and marketing of the site without spending a lot of money. What we can offer you is a:

    • Digital strategy that guides your future online growth
    • Proactive website that is professionally managed for optimal user experience and search engine visibility
    • Profitable online marketing what leverages your marketing dollar

Does your digital agency do all this?

So if you are looking for a web agency that only puts your name up on the internet for not many to see then we are not the business for you. But if you want a digital partner who tells you how it is and how to leverage the internet for your profit then you need to contact XtraVIRAL now for a free Web Evaluation.

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