How much does it cost?

We understand that cash flow is very important in any small business. That is why we offer monthly plans with no upfront costs so you get level of service you require at an affordable price.

What we charge depends on the number of services you require and the level of work your particular business will require. We offer monthly plans for:

Digital Strategy

  • Annul strategic plan
  • Unlimited advice & support

Website built & maintained

  • Design & build a sales orientated website
  • Regularly update website content to keep it fresh
  • Unlimited website update requests

Website maintenance & optimisation (UX & SEO)

  • Regularly update website content to keep it fresh
  • Unlimited website update requests

Search Engine/Social Media Marketing

  • Systems such as Adwords or Bing
  • Setup of targeted keyword campaigns
  • Regular review & optimisation

Get a free Web Evaluation before you sign up! (valued at $210)

Get started

Just after a one-off job? We can offer a competitive hourly rate is $60/hr for digital strategy advice and $30/hr for website or online marketing implementation work.

Will you support more than one site?

  • Our monthly plans are just for one website but you can sign up more than once.

This sounds too good to be true… is it?

  • We believe in being fair and support a reasonable number of tasks per client, letting you know if you’re stretching the friendship.

How long does a task take to complete?

  • It depends but we can usually complete a large task like redevelop your website within a few weeks or a small task like updating some web content within 24 hours.

Can you help me with a specific job?

  • We can generally help or advise on regular small business website and online marketing issues.

I want to white label your service. Is this OK?

  • Unfortunately, we don’t white label our service and choose only to work directly with business owners. We do have a very competitive affiliate program you can [join here].

Why do I need XtraVIRAL if I already employ a website design company?

  • Many website design companies are not specialists in online marketing. Many SEO companies are not specialists in online marketing. Many online marketing companies are interested in baffling you with lots of statistics but not necessarily results. XtraVIRAL is different in the fact they are interested in getting you results. We achieve this by using cost effective software systems and a strong digital strategy.

I have already spent lots on a website and SEO, why can you get better results?

  • Many website design companies are interested in making you feel good with flashy website design and lots of statistics. A flashy websites do not make you money… lots of statistics do not make you money. A clear strategy with experience makes you money.