Why your website is not bringing you business


Your website can be a 24/7 salesperson who covers the whole world crossing borders and languages. A salesperson who hides on their desk and in their pockets waiting for when a potential customer has that idea that they want to buy!

We are passionate about increasing your sales and return on investment, we are focused on your success… not reports. The internet is where a person operating out of a home office with virtually no capital expenditure can turn over millions of dollars. How?. by having a proactive website and strategic online marketing plan so the customers come to you.

The number one reason why most websites fail is because they are not designed and tested by a User Experience Designer and Online Marketer. Unfortunately most web agencies want to sell websites that look great but are not as functional as they could be… hindering the potential to make sales. Sure they may set you up with a CMS system so you can edit the website content but you are not an SEO or marketing expert. You end up watering down the strength of the website the more you change it. Client managed CMS systems do not work in the new internet game unless you have an expert driving them.

Anyone can build a flashy looking website… but few can make one a marketing machine. A great website involves customer insight, planning, development, testing and constant management. In today’s tough online marketing environment your website must capture a users interest and guide them to make the purchase or inquiry… fast.

The top 6 musts of a proactive website

  1. Engaging: Research shows you have less than 5 seconds to catch a users attention
  2. Informative: Once you have them, give them what they want
  3. Intuitive: Pre-empt what information they may want next
  4. Share Enabled: Social Media creates a digital fingerprint for your website & gives it legitimacy
  5. Actionable: If your website does not ask for a sale, you will not get one!
  6. Responsive: It MUST be optimised from all devices like tablets & mobiles

What we can do for you

XtraVIRAL can provide you with a proactive website that combines any or all of the following features:

    • User Experience (UX) designer layouts
    • Responsive websites across desktop, tablet & mobile devices
    • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
    • 24/7 up-time monitor
    • Web content copyrighting
    • Website Google Analytics
    • and much more
Does your web agency do all this?

So if you are looking for a web services company that only puts your name up on the internet for no-one to see, then we are not the business for you. But if you want a digital partner who tells you how it is and how to leverage the internet for your profit then you need to contact XtraVIRAL now for a free Web Evaluation.

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